Recommended Hardware CableCreation 2-in-1 Lightning to USB Data Sync Charge Cable

The CableCreation 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB cable. A lightning cables that lasts.

Recommended Hardware: The CableCreation 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB cable

Apple did one great thing with the lightning cable – they demonstrated for the first time that a universal connector could be reversable. This two-fold rotational symmetry is saving two or three seconds for each device plugged in. Sounds trivial but multiply that by the hundreds of millions of users worldwide and it matters. I wonder if USB-C would have been designed to the same standard if Apple hadn’t made it work first. The trouble is having made the effort to produce the best digital connector design for a consumer device the world has ever seen, they messed up the implementation and the cables on the connectors are not robust. In my experience it’s always the lightning end that fails, and usually because of poorly implented strain relief. If my experience is typical there are millions of Apple branded cables per week going into the bin around the world. Most people replace their Apple cable with a cheap third-party copy. These copy cables suffer from two problems:

  • the unofficial copies (about 99% of all lightening cables are not Apple approved) may damage your lovely Apple device
  • it’s rare to find a copy cable that’s going to last any longer than an Apple one… many are so bad they fail even faster

I’m never keen on throwing stuff out, so I’ve been looking for a reliable long-term set of cables for Apple kit. So far, the CableCreation 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB cable is the winner.

  • it’s realiable and has managed to pass the road warrior, careless teenager and office worker long term test – Zero failures in the field after over a year of intensive use
  • available in many colours to immediately settle sibling arguments about whose cable it is
  • built in micro USB means you can use it with other non-Apple gadgets
  • Apple approved so it is no more likely to damage your hardware than real Apple accessories

Yes the thing is four times the price of the cheapest alternative, but it saves space in my bag, can be relied upon, and won’t be going to landfill anytime soon.

Written on August 12, 2018