Recommended Hardware Philips Monitors

A brief review of the Philips USB-C compatible monitors I’ve seen and used.

Recommended Hardware: Philips Monitors

Philips recently started producing monitors with USB-C monitor hook-ups and a port replicator (sometimes called a universal dock or a soft dock) built in. I’ve had the pleasure of using one for the last six months, and they are fantastic. There are four models in range now available:

  • The entry-level full HD version – this is a 24 inch monitor with 1080p. You can feed video in via Display Port, HDMI or VGA if you prefer rather than USB-C. In terms of non-video ports the monitor has ethernet, two standard USB 3.1, quarter inch audio jack in and out, and Display Port out (for daisy chaining a second monitor). The stand is high quality height adjustable.
  • The 25 inch QHD version – this is a 25 inch monitor at Quad HD 2560 x 1440. This has a similar set of ports to the 1080p version, except you gain an extra USB 3.1 connector, and loose the Display Port out.
  • The larger 32 inch QHD version – this is a 32 inch monitor at Quad HD 2560 x 1440. In addition to USB-C inputs this supports HDMI (with HDR support), Display Port and VGA to feed video in, and USB 3.1 and audio out, and some loadspeakers built in too.
  • The 32 inch 4K version – this is the do-everything 4k version, with USB-C, dual HDMI, displayport, ethernet and four USB 3.1.

Not using USB C?

The monitors support a USB 3.1 - USB C hookup, and there is a cable in the box for this. If you use Display Port, HDMI or VGA to feed the screen signal in, and plug the ‘C’ end of the cable into the monitor, and the USB 3.1 end into your laptop or desktop computer, you can still use the built in port replicator. This is a nice way to tidy up a desk when using the monitor with older laptop hardware which does not support USB-C.

My thoughts

I’ve been using the 25 inch version for months. Frankly it’s fantastic. Dozens of different laptops have been plugged in from different manufacters and even the very power hungry ones charge no problem on the built in port. The single cable dock/undock is convenient and fast. The colour quality on the monitors is first rate. And the overall design is sleek and classy, it would not look out of place in any office or home setting. The inclusion of ethernet makes it a superb choice in offices who are not yet all Wi-Fi but would like to declutter.

Written on August 11, 2018